Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman and CEO, EXL Service

In this episode, Sandeep Tyagi engages in a memorable conversation with Rohit Kapoor, Vice-Chairman, and CEO, ‘EXL Service’- a NASDAQ listed Analytics Company. Rohit is an alumnus of IIT-D and IIM-A.

The corporate veteran talks about his extraordinary career in the corporate world. He shares his experience building a company that now has a market cap of 2.5 billion US dollars.

Rohit shares the story of EXL and how it started its operation during the period of the ‘dot com boom’. He shares with us how he made hay when the sun was shining by starting operations in email processing.

Rohit talks about how his business fluctuated like a ‘sine wave’ and almost landed on near-death situations. He analyzes the future of work-from-home jobs. Before concluding, he shares with us his realizations in life.


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