Brandon Chia, Chairman and CEO, HDI Family of Companies

“Live to learn. Learn to love. Love to live.”

On today’s episode we have with us, the Chairman and CEO of HDI family of companies, Mr. Brandon Chia. Mr. Chia has finished his LLB from NUS Singapore. His group of firms is involved in fields such as marketing, advertising, financial services, and property holdings.

The HDI Group of companies headed by Mr.Chia supremely focuses on marketing via social networking. The companies offer good quality products and services through social networks. Mr. Chia came up with the idea of tribal law which is an unspoken way of solving conflicts and differences. Mr. Chia also threw light on the three words- Live, Love and Learn. And explained how these three words are the core values of the HDI group of industries. 

Mr. Chia believes in spiritual sustainability through business. The HDI Group follows spiritual sustainable practices. He believes that his companies work towards identifying and addressing the spiritual needs of people. And fulfilling them in a spiritual way. 

Success to Mr. Chia is Family. He firmly agrees that materialistic  things like money can never overrun the values and relationships with family.


Brandon Chia is the Chairman and CEO of the HDI Family of Companies-an organization that started as a home-based network marketing company in Singapore distributing bee products through independent enterprisers. Over the last 30 years, it has grown to encompass 4 business groups across 7 countries. This includes network marketing, outdoor advertising, financial services and property holdings. He is constantly disrupting his own organization, experimenting with novel ways to make the lives of the enterprisers and employees more meaningful. He is active in branding, product design and development-  his latest initiative, BKSIN-a science-based skincare brand- has won numerous accolades in Singapore and in Malaysia.

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