Roni Drori, Founder, CEO at IMP and IMP&C

We are extremely delighted to have with us today, Mr. Roni Drori. Mr. Drori is the Founder and CEO of IMP&C a healthcare company. He has completed his MBA from Boston and has worked at pharma companies in Israel. Mr. Drori is a senior leader of the retail industry. He has been a part of the industry even before advanced technology was established. He described business relationships in that time as very interpersonal. Mr. Drori was initially the manager of one of the branches of SuperPharm (a pharmacy chain). And went on to become the Operational Director of the entire drugstore chain. Mr. Garg and Mr. Drori engaged in a very interesting conversation about changes in the pharmaceutical industry and introduction of budgetary and monetary systems in it. Mr. Drori also elucidates the importance of strong supply chains in the pharmacy retail space. He believes that optimization of supply chains and rotation of stocks have led to better planning and efficiency. They also discussed the changes brought about by eCommerce in the industry. 

“Startups need different characters”

Talking about startups, Mr. Drori firmly believes that choosing the right people as a support system is very vital. His experience is that of the top-most layer and he has surely given back to the industry in his own ways!


Mr Drori is an experienced CEO and Board Member with considerable experience in the retail industry. His career spans more than 25 years during which he has served in key executive and non executive roles roles across CEE, the Middle East and India.

As CEO and President of a leading multi-national pharmacy chain, he led the entry of their business into the Polish market which became the largest drugstore chain in Poland. Following this success Mr Drori joined a leading Israeli energy business to spearhead the establishment of a convenience store concept for their national gas stations. From 2010 till 2014 Mr Drori was the CEO and President of the 4th largest pharmacy chain operator in Europe.

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