Abhishek Poddar, MD, Matheson Bosanquet

“Good Art does not really mean – Expensive”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You we have with us Mr. Abhishek Poddar. Managing Director of Matheson Bosanquet (tea production, trading and export) and an avid collector of contemporary Art. Getting into art by accident due to a mischievous high school mission, a young Mr. Poddar connected with art instantly. He started collecting paintings and artsy items from a very young age. Growing up, his taste cultivated as he got inclined towards contemporary art. He is currently a member of the advisory board of India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues (FIND) which is an inter-cultural programme. He believes that India has given birth to a large number of high value modern contemporary art. Mr. Poddar expects Indians to support local art and artists. He believes that art takes flight when the natives value and promote and engage with it. He also throws light on how big Indian home brands should promote and encourage Art. His love for the paintings he chooses is inspired by the people and what people do. To him, success is a ‘good night’s sleep after a fairly productive day!



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