Kevin Bauer, President & CEO, Envoy Group, Rancho Santa Fe

We have a motivated leader and entrepreneur on our podcast today, Kevin Bauer in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Kevin is the President and CEO of Envoy Group, a digital experience consultancy which helps brands grow, strategise, build new products and help the customers have a connected digital experience. In the interview, Kevin talks about the key milestones in his life. After having worked as an investment banker for many years, Kevin then decided to take the leap and started his entrepreneurial journey. He has had a diverse career of over 25 years and he’s here to share his experience and wisdom with us.  Kevin shares some facts about what to look for in a company before investing in it. He then talks to us about the values of his own company, he emphasises on being bold. He then shares how millennials are changing the investing business and the values they bring into the business. A determined leader and an investment expert, tune in to find more about him!

Kevin Bauer, President & CEO, Envoy Group, Rancho Santa Fe


Mr. Bauer has a diverse background spanning over 25 years as an executive, entrepreneur, investor and investment banker in various growth industries. Mr. Bauer is currently President of the Envoy Group, an award- winning design and innovation company. In addition, Mr. Bauer leads Envoy Ventures, which combines Envoy Group capabilities with direct equity investment to help entrepreneurs and business leaders launch new ventures. Mr. Bauer was CEO at American Solar Direct, which was one of the largest and fastest growing residential solar companies in the United States under his leadership. Before American Solar, Kevin was a Co-Founder and Partner at Global H2O Investments, a private equity firm focused on investing in water and wastewater technologies and infrastructure assets. Prior to joining Global H2O, Kevin was CFO of Archimedes Technology Group, an energy technology company that was acquired by General Atomics.

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