Sunil Savara, Co-founder, Impossible Transformations LLP

My biggest lesson was being stupid; not smart enough to know the risks of life.”- Sunil Savara

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Sunil Savara, co-founder of ‘Impossible Transformations LLP’ and ‘Head Held High’ – a not for profit organisation working to eradicate poverty in India at the grassroot level.  Sunil, a professional turned entrepreneur, shakes with us the three key milestones in his life. Leaving home at the age of 20, Sunix explains how his stay in Dharavi transformed him as an individual. He talks about the working and methodology of Impossible Transformations, his organization. Sunil shares with us his involvement in catalyzing individuals to discover themselves through his company. In the section that follows, Sunil elaborates on the company’s ‘Mission Impossible Leaders Programme’, which aims at producing leaders of tomorrow. Moving forward, he opines about Gandhian philosophy of leadership in the corporate world. He points out the most important qualities a CEO must have.  Later in the episode, Sunil talks about his charitable venture, ‘Head Held High Foundation’. The illustrious entrepreneur shares with us his biggest learnings from his biggest failures in life.

Sunil Savara, Co-founder, Impossible Transformations LLP


“My purpose in life is to be a catalyst in the transformation of human beings.”

Transformation of oneself, people, companies, and poverty is what Sunil Savara stands for. A compassionate and generous human being with extreme clarity of thought and action, Sunil is a visionary with authenticity and integrity at his core. As the Co-founder and Master Sorcerer of Impossible Transformations LLP, Sunil considers his organisation as the vehicle for extraordinary transformation and leadership in the world. Having founded multiple organisations over the span of more than three decades, Sunil’s core work has always revolved around transformation – of processes, of businesses, of systems, of poverty, and of people. Head Held High, an organisation with a vision of eradicating poverty on the planet and Global Action on Poverty (GAP), a platform which accelerates the journey of change-makers to eradicate poverty are among the impactful organisations that Sunil envisioned and co-founded. He has been leading personal transformational workshops for 25 years that have catalyzed individuals to discover themselves, unearth their life purposes and lead fuller lives.

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