Pravin Nath, Founder & CEO, Ultragenic

“Machines can read MRIs and scans better than humans today”

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Pravin Nath, Founder, and CEO- Ultragenic. Pravin is a highly illustrious young entrepreneur. Pravin talks about his early life and learning. He shares the story of the inception of his corporate career with Tata Steel. He discusses the emergence of e-commerce and why he wanted to get into the world of software, foreseeing the future. He talks about how he built a successful company in the US which was acquired for fifty million US dollars. He shares the three key milestones of his career. Even though it may seem contradictory, he explains how quitting a job can also be a milestone. Pravin talks about the pharmacy industry and its vastness. He analyzes the role of technology. He puts forward solutions to solve the problem of fake/ineffective medicines. “Regulations have to be practical,” he adds. Pravin points out the basic mistakes a lot of start-up entrepreneurs make. “The runway you have is much longer than you think”- he emphasizes the importance of planning and patience while doing business. 


After investing two decades of my professional life in Engineering and Deploying best-in-class life sciences solutions in the Pharmacovigilance domain, I intend to devote the next phase towards addressing the long standing and pressing needs of this industry, utilizing an exciting array of new-age tech tools. Our vision at Ultragenic is to create meaningful and positive impact towards patient safety outcomes, and as Founder and CEO, I am in a privileged & responsible position to deliver on this vision. I started my Entrepreneurial journey with Relsys International (a product development company), where I piloted their growth plans and established a high-value India subsidiary. As a member of Relsys’ Global Leadership team, I conceptualized the vision document for its India operations, while anchoring the transition and management of product engineering, global professional services & support of the Argus suite of products to India. Relsys International was acquired by Oracle in 2009. In my second entrepreneurial venture, Foresight India, I identified the latent potential for professional services in Drug Safety and cultivated a robust global market for it.

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