Srihari Palangala, Senior Director and Head of Marketing, International Medium Business, Dell Technologies

“Strive to make a difference

Today on The Brand Called You, we have with us an extremely recognised marketing professional, Mr. Srihari Palangala. Mr. Palangala is the Senior Director and Head of Marketing at Dell technology. He had previously been the senior technology lead with Microsoft and Adobe. He won the award for India’s greatest Chief Marketing Officer in 2016-17. Mr. Palangala has pursued his MBA from The Indian School Of Business. He believes that all these years in the techno field have taught him three important things:

  • Keeping a close ear to signals of change
  • Adapting to these changes
  • And getting innovative along with these changes. 

Innovation, he believes, is a key aspect in business. Innovating with respect to sales, product, service, support and consumer needs is vital. Mr. Garg and Mr. Palangala discussed the necessity of culture in the workplace. Mr. Palangala pointed out that culture is something that is built by leaders or groups and repeated by everyone else. Percolation of culture through every layer of a company is quite important.

Mr. Palangala is a strong believer of maintaining balance. He suggested prioritising balance in work culture as well as on a personal level. Reconciliation is another key to a successful business and life. His visions are quite widespread! Having spent twenty years in the field of technology and working with the most supreme technology brand Mr. Palangala’s career has been remarkable and vast. 

Srihari Palangala, Senior Director and Head of Marketing, International Medium Business, Dell Technologies


Extensive experience (20+ years) and leadership across the US, India, APJ & EMEA in marketing technology products, business development, product management and consulting. An award winning expert in establishing & growing technology products business in the India, regional (APJ/EMEA) markets and in managing organizations through change.
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• Deep expertise and strong blend in understanding
technology (software/hardware) products and driving
their business growth through strategy and execution
• Expertise in host of areas including Cloud, networking,
digital media & marketing, SaaS, mobility, IT infra,
commercial PCs
• Expert in B2B technology buyer behavior and driving
business growth



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