Bobby Bhatia, Founder & Board Member, TrakInvest, Singapore

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in an insightful conversation with Bobby Bhatia, an Indian tech entrepreneur and investor based in Singapore. Bobby is the CEO and Founder of TrakInvest. After working for 20 years in the investment sector, Bobby Bhatia founded TrakInvest in 2013. Bobby is an alumnus of Stanford University and Duke University. Bobby shares with us the three key milestones in his life. He talks about his effort in bringing global technology to Asia and explains why it is important to learn the ways of the west. Bobby elaborates his methodology of looking at the technological advancements of the USA, Israel, the EU, etc and finding opportunities to implement the same in India. Bobby, an expert in blockchain technology, explains the concept of blockchain in simple words. He discusses the safety of blockchain. Bobby then talks about his venture, TrakInvest. Before concluding, Bobby shares his biggest learning from his biggest mistake.

Bobby Bhatia, Founder & Board Member, TrakInvest, Singapore


An experienced finance and technology professional with 25+ years of public and private investment experience across a wide range of industries. Current professional focus on digital transformation in Financial Services, FinTech, EdTech, and Blockchain Protocols & Applications from investment, operational, and research perspectives.

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