Royce YC Hong, Chairman, Panasonic Taiwan, XING Mobility & IPEVO

“I learn something from everyone around me”

Today we are delighted to have with us a designer with training, Entrepreneur by circumstance and a car enthusiast by obsession! Mr. Royce HC Hong. He is the Chairman of Panasonic Taiwan and the CEO of and head of design at IPEVO. He is also the founder of Zinc Mobility.

Panasonic Taiwan has been a part of Mr. Hong’s family for a very long time. His grandfather has also worked towards building the business. Given the situation of the Lockdown, Panasonic Taiwan has hit top sales and figures. It has the largest market share of the home appliance market. Talking about IPEVO, Mr. Hong described it as an internet service application for Skype devices. Digitising the  era of video and skype communication, IPEVO products are highly demanded. More than 60% of k-12 American schools have IPEVO products. Due to his passion for cars Mr. Hong started Zinc Mobility, an electric car building startup. He has also managed to develop battery technology, immersion coding and modular car systems. Mr. Garg and Mr. Hong discussed the market status in Taiwan and it’s relationships with the US. Mr. Hong’s career is dynamic and full of experiences.


Designer by training, entrepreneur by circumstance, and a car enthusiast by obsession, Royce is a business-leader across multiple industries, scales and scopes. He concurrently holds positions as Chairman of Panasonic Taiwan, a manufacturer of home appliances and electronic components with over 5 decades in the region, CEO and Big Head of Design at IPEVO Inc, a 10 year-old upstart maker of interactive education devices now used in over 60% of US K12 schools, and XING Mobility, a startup developing advanced electric vehicle technologies through racing and supercars. Royce connects and leverages these diverse commitments by combining design-driven approach with cutting-edge technology.

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