Justin Taylor, Group CEO, Kaer Pte Ltd

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us the CEO of Kaer Pvt. Ltd,  Mr. Justin Taylor. Mr Taylor is an extremely accomplished entrepreneur. He has studied Commerce and pursued his master’s degree in Law. To explore the wide arena of business, he started off in the ACAC industry.

Kaer Pvt Ltd. is a ACAC business venture. ACAC stands for Air Conditioning At Cost. Mr. Taylor elucidated the increasing demand of the ACAC business. He also explained how the industry provides clean air and prevents harming the environment. He mentioned how Kaer is focused on providing good quality air in a sustainable manner. According to Mr. Taylor setting up a business in Singapore has its own ups and downs. 

Mr. Garg asked some really good questions around YPO. Mr. Taylor enlightened us about his journey through YPO. He mentioned his many learnings and experiences in YPO. He believes that YPO gave him exposure to many leaders. He also gave some good insight as to why more and more youngsters should join YPO.

Mr. Taylor exclaimed that when people around him achieve more than they’d imagined, it gives him joy! 


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