Salim Dewji, Owner & MD, PowerTrack Africa and Board Member HBS Advisory Board for Africa

Mr. Dewji is a strategic entrepreneur with expertise in Africa. He is experienced in the fields of Telecom, Management Technology, Food and Afro cosmetic distribution. He runs several businesses and has hands on experience of the business environment. Mr. Dewji is a fine dining enthusiast and also a YPO member. 

Mr. Dewji runs a Tracking Technology Company customer issues in logistics, monitoring and data management. He also runs a second company which is focused on trading. It carries out trade management of exports from South Africa into Central Africa. 

Apart from these, Mr. Dewji also helps giant companies form advisory boards for better business management. He believes that every businessman should have a Co partner and Co Founder to maintain balance and support. He also shared his journey in the YPO and the challenges he had faced doing business in the African Continent.

Mr. Dewji also conveyed his love for fine dining with an anecdote and some interesting facts related to the food industry. Success to Mr. Dewji is to achieve sustainable happiness and to lead a perfectly balanced life! 

Salim Dewji, Owner & MD, PowerTrack Africa and Board Member HBS Advisory Board for Africa


Salim Dewji is a strategic entrepreneur with experience in telecoms, tracking and fleet management technology and food and afro cosmetic distribution. Having done business in several countries and served on the board of a few companies, as well as non-profit boards, he has African experience in diverse sectors of business. Understanding the big picture and finding solutions are what stimulate him along with identifying opportunities and strategic alliances, through established international and continental business, professional, and personal networks. He is passionate about helping organizations become more relevant by significantly contributing towards clarity in vision, strategy, and the overall sense of purpose for greater impact to the business and the community it serves.

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