J Ramanand, Co-founder, Choose To Thinq

On today’s episode of The Brand Called, we have with us Mr. J Ramanand. Mr. Ramanand is the Co Founder of Choose to Thinq, a very interesting career oriented venture. He has worked as an applied researcher in the field of Natural Language Processing. He had finished his Masters in Computer Science from IIT BOMBAY. Mr. Ramanand is also the youngest winner of BBC’s Mastermind India Quiz!

After quitting his job as an applied researcher, Mr. Ramanand Co Founded Choose to Thinq, a ‘seven years and still hustling’ venture! Choose to Thinq is a program that helps individuals to deliberately focus on their career choices and options. This startup was formed to draw focus on the relevance of the career preference selected by a student. It helps people realise their goals and make clear choices. He described the four pillars of his business as systematic curiosity, social capital, social culture and smart conversations.  

The analysis and support is mainly based on the intersection of Design, Psychology, Behaviour, Science and Culture. They discussed the cultural aspect of business and Mr. Ramanand also shared the core values of his business. His journey from a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship is exciting and quite interesting A diverse career and a scholarly academic background, Mr. Ramanand has worked towards providing support to a lot of individuals!

J Ramanand, Co-founder, Choose To Thinq


I’m a co-founder at Choose To Thinq, where we help teams and individuals be deliberate about their future relevance. I have an academic background in computer science, with a Masters degree from IIT Bombay. Before starting Choose To Thinq, I was an applied researcher in the field of Natural Language Processing, which applies computation to natural language. I worked on areas like sentiment analysis, which tried to elicit the presence of emotion in text. I have also been part of innovation labs.

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