Yashovardhan Saboo, Founder and President of AIFHI (All India Federation of Horological Industries)

“One thing that is connecting everything is the values you drive into business”

Today on The Brand Called You, we have a business tycoon with us! Mr. Yashovardhan Saboo is an extremely accomplished Entrepreneur from Chandigarh. He is from IIM Ahmedabad. He is also an avid wine connoisseur and a long distance runner.

Mr. Saboo’s career started with manufacturing off watch components. The Saboo Businesses Group soon became Titan’s biggest vendor and scaled business in Switzerland. And business excelled there too. The Business Group includes other businesses like that of precision tools, specialty paints, and retail business of luxury watches. 

Talking about values driven into his business, Mr. Saboo mentioned that quality, integrity and respect are the most important values. He also spoke about the effort that goes into building a large business portfolio such as his. He defined himself as a hands on businessman and believes in being the best in what he can do. 

Mr. Garg and Mr. Saboo also discussed how the business industry is changing in the era of millennials. Mr. Saboo mentioned being amazed by the new generation and having a sense of optimism because of them. He also spoke about the organisation he works with. That works towards providing employment opportunities to Sikh and Punjabi youth.

Success to Mr. Saboo is being able to do what he always wanted. He is indeed very experienced, knowledgeable and the best at what he does!

Yashovardhan Saboo, Founder and President of AIFHI (All India Federation of Horological Industries)


Mr. Yasho Saboo is an entrepreneur. As the main functionary of the Saboo Business Group, he has played key role in its growth in chosen business areas. He started his career as Director of Groz – Beckert Saboo Ltd., Chandigarh, and remained the Managing Director of GBS for many years. He founded Kamla Dials and Devices Limited, now called KDDL Limited, and now a global manufacturer and exporter of watch dials and watch hands. He also founded Saboo Berlac, now Saboo Coatings Limited, in the business of specialty paints & coatings. In 2003, he founded Ethos SUMMIT, now India’s largest retail chain of luxury and premium watch retail stores. In 2006 he set up a precision stamping business, EIGEN Engineering in Bangalore.

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