Rakesh Sarin, Founder, Nyshaasa Energy and Former CEO, Suzlon Energy

“India’s energy requirements in 2040 will be equal to that of the USA’s today.”– Ashutosh Garg

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg engages in a conversation with Rakesh Sarin, Founder, ‘Nyshaasa Energy’ and Former CEO, Suzlon Energy. Rakesh, an alumnus of IIT and London Business School, is a global business leader and an illustrated entrepreneur.

Rakesh shares with us the three key milestones of his life. He foresees the future of both renewable and non-renewable energy. He shares his ideas about a zero-carbon society. He analyzes the energy surplus and deficit scenarios in India.

Rakesh proceeds to talk about his startup, ‘Wellness Mandala’. He shares the objectives and methodology of his venture primarily being the enhancement of human capital. 


 Rakesh defines success in a very different yet insightful way. He talks about his sources of inspiration. The highly successful CEO tells us how to set personal and professional goals meticulously. He analyzes the trends in business during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares his ideas about how to rethink and reinvent during the changing times.


Rakesh is engaged in consulting with corporates, business houses and large international funds to provide mentorship and advisory. His area of work relates to their business growth, M&A activities, advancements in the field of distributed energy, policy advocacy and development of large renewable energy platforms.
He is a global business leader and has been at the helm of operations of large corporations as CEO and Director on Board of companies spanning across all the continents. The recent positions he has held are – Global President Energy Solution and Executive VP on the Wartsila Corporation Board of Management followed by CEO International Business and the Member of Executive Group of Suzlon Energy. While steering multi-billion dollar global companies he has developed a wide network and gained strong business insights of Energy Sector as well as acquired valuable acumen to nurture cross cultural human capital. He acknowledges and practices the power of strategic innovation; value add partnering and business structuring with engaged human capital. He has been distinguished speaker in international forums and top table policy shaping events and is intimately engaged in the multi-dimensional complexities of the fast changing energy world. He is passionate for the cause of creating a cleaner, greener and healthy environment.

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