Visham Sikand, Founder & MD, Goals101 Data Solutions Pvt Ltd

We are joined by Mr. Visham Sikand on today’s episode of The Brand Called You. Mr. Sikand is a Harvard Business School Alumnus. He is the Managing Director of Goals101 Data Solutions (a company whose goal is to make banking more relevant to the consumers). He has ventured into many startups and is also the Founder of IHO, an indian healthcare facility. Mr. Sikand believes that the people are the base of the pyramid of a company. His startup strategy has always been having six to seven hardworking and goal oriented people.

“The future of an organization is as good as the quality of its people”

Mr. Garg asked him some really great questions about partnership in business and scaling in private equity. Mr. Sikand follows the ‘odd-number strategy’ ie. having an odd number of partners for a startup (1or 3). He believes it is better to have a partnership with someone who you can trust. Mr. Sikand advised to maintain consistent cash flow for a comfortable life. He believes in running for the long haul and planning for the future. Working hard and being aggressive towards your goals. Mr. Sikand is a self motivated and extremely positive personality. According to him, Everyone should be an Entrepreneur!


Visham Sikand is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and a Paul Harris fellow. After 5 years in corporate life, Visham left his job at ABN AMRO in 2007 to begin his extremely successful 11-year entrepreneurial journey. Visham is married to Chandni, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, who runs one of the biggest lighting companies in India. Visham is an active networker as well as an accomplished club level tennis champion. Visham also enjoys swimming, angling, trekking and as a passionate mountaineer he has successfully scaled 2 of the 7 highest summits of the world.

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