Ram Subramaniam, Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Research Officer – MyMoneyKarma, USA, Belarus, India

“The business models are changing…is an understatement. Business models have always been changing. The problem is, new models have been changing more rapidly.” – Ram Subramaniam

In this episode, Ashutosh Garg converses with Ram Subramaniam, Founder- MyMoneyKarma. Ram is a serial entrepreneur and researcher in IT, Finance, and Management. He is an alumnus of Stanford and University of Leicester.  Ram, the eccentric entrepreneur and academician, reminisces about the three key milestones in his early life. He elaborates on how he managed to transition effortlessly from engineering to programming to entrepreneurship. “I was not a topper in the class. If anything my goal was, was to not be in the bottom,” says the charismatic entrepreneur. Later in the episode Ram talks about his entrepreneurial journey. He explains the working and methodology of MyMoneyKarma, his venture in FinTech. Afterwards, Ram shares his experience doing a PhD in entrepreneurship. “IT entrepreneurs are more likely to retry entrepreneurship after failing than the non-IT ones,” the illustrious academician shares with us his key findings. In the section that follows, Ram introduces the concept of ‘The CEO of 2030’- the qualities of a future-ready CEO.  He then introduces a new business model called SPACS. Before concluding, Ram shares with us his learnings from biggest mistakes in life and talks about his sources of inspiration.

Ram Subramaniam, Co-Founder, Chief Technology & Research Officer – MyMoneyKarma, USA, Belarus, India


A researcher, visiting faculty, and an entrepreneur with over 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience at international level, I found technology ventures, work with and establish business incubators, teach custom courses I have developed exclusively for Business and Engineering schools around the world, and research IT entrepreneurs as a typology. I bring my international field experience both as a serial founder and as an executive to classrooms around the world through my custom pedagogy and interactive teaching approach My work experience spans Managing global teams (UK, the US, Peru, UAE, Singapore, Belarus, China and Mexico), Management Consulting, Software development and management, and Fintech. Education
Doctoral Degree – Entrepreneurship – University of Leicester, UK Master’s Degree – Management – Stanford University Business School, USA Bachelor’s Degree – Manufacturing Engineering – PSG Tech, Madras University, India Courses Taught Strategy, Global Business Strategy, and International Business, CEO-2030 (and CEO-2030 for women)
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IT-Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Fintech, Startup Ventures Strategy for IT ventures Leading tech firms as a non-techie, Introduction to Private Equity Working Papers A framework to establish and validate constructs for entrepreneur typology The case for Software entrepreneurship as a Typology – A new domain and research agenda Co-Founder/Chief Technology &Research Officer – MyMoneyKarma, USA, Belarus, India (From 2017) Founded MyMoneyKarma, a Fintech venture incubated by Stanford StartX and funded by VCs, uses AI/ML to recommend and financial products to millions of Indian consumers. Co-Founder/CTO– Airomo, USA, Belarus, India (2014 – 2015) Founded and successfully exited Airomo, a product development venture that developed IP for deep-linking based on location and context for financial app search. Founder/CEO– Shiva Corporation, USA, Belarus & India (2000 – 2013) Founded and successfully operated Shiva Corporation, a Management/IT consulting organization that supported PE firms in M&A evaluation and due diligence, balance sheet assessment, post acquisition integration & globalization. Manager (Software Development) – Tropical Shipping, USA, Peru, & UK (1994 – 2000) Assembled and managed a team of globally distributed IT specialists to build and integrate software applications for logistics, terminal operations, and accounting systems. Software Consultant/Product Manager – NASA, Dow, Citi, KPMG, USA (1991 – 1993)
Delivered consulting services in Software Application Development, Architecture, Systems Integration and infra- structure for Logistics/Transportation, plant maintenance, brokerage, and banking sector. IT Analyst – Emirates Airline, Dubai, UAE & UK (1988 -1990) Designed software for Yield Analysis, Route evaluations, Engineering Maintenance and optimization algorithms. Lecturer, University of Madras, India (1985-1987)
Taught Operations Research, CAM, NC/CNC Programming, and Discrete Event Simulation at Madras University. Software Developer, Best & Crompton, Madras, India (1984-1985) Developed software for MRP, Product Mix, Supply Chain optimization, and logistics



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