Pramit Bhargava, Founder of Louie Voice Control

On another motivational episode of The Brand Called You we have with us an entrepreneur and a visionary, Mr. Pramit Bhargava. Pramit is the Founder of Louie Voice Control, a special voice accessibility app. He has studied from IIT and IIM and has worked for giant ventures like Motorola, Unilever and Quest Diagnostics. Pramit begins with sharing the story of the side effect of a medicine that caused his visual impairment. He shares his experience, realisations and some important lessons he learnt on this challenging journey. On being asked about his venture Louie Voice Control, Pramit shares that his motive was to create a user friendly app for wider accessibility. Convenient user experience is his main agenda.  Further in the conversation, Mr. Garg and Mr. Bhargava discuss the relevance of voice as a major means of communication. Pramit talks about some new features he is looking to add in his app and the impact that he is looking to create.

“Some of my major learnings have actually been when I failed” 

Pramit shares his core values, success mantra and the motivations that drive him to reach a new height everyday!

Pramit Bhargava, Founder of Louie Voice Control


I’m Pramit, visually impaired and the Founder of Louie Voice Control which allows the users to do each & everything within supported Apps with just voice commands. The side-effect of medicine that I took in 1999 impacted my Retina and my vision has been dramatically declining ever since. By 2012, I was not able to read anything. At that point, I felt completely miserable and did not know what to do next. This low-point was completely unexpected especially for someone who had graduated from India’s prestigious engineering and management institutions (IIT and IIM) and worked for global companies such as Unilever, Motorola, and Quest Diagnostics. I wasn’t able to come to terms with this situation. However, as I look back now, I believe that this phase guided me towards a higher purpose in life rather than chasing traditional career goals and materialistic successes. I also got involved in spirituality, meditation during this challenging phase, and started understanding the true purpose of my life.

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