Ajay Poddar, Managing Director, Syenergy Environics Ltd.

“People fail businesses. Businesses don’t fail people.”

Today we are delighted to have Mr. Ajay Poddar on The Brand Card You. Mr. Poddar is the Managing Director of Environics, a radiation management company. Mr. Poddar has also worked with several businesses from concrete production to lpg. He has also authored a book. Talking about Environics, Mr. Poddar elucidates the position and functioning of the company. He mentions that it is a radiation management practice for managing man-made and natural radiations. This is essentially to improve the health of the people. Mr. Poddar throws light on the concept of geopathic stresses on the Earth. He remarks that the natural energies of the Earth are highly disturbed and causing geopathic stresses. His venture mixes up traditional knowledge with scientific instrumentation. On the subject of his book ‘Empower Yourself’, Mr. Poddar informed that the book is about improving health and well being. How colours affect our mood and well being and also the concept of colour deficiency. Talking about the new generation, Mr. Poddar remarks that upcoming entrepreneurs give up too soon. And that optimism in business always keeps one going!




An entrepreneur and Innovator, a B.Tech, Civil engineering from I.I.T. Delhi in 1976, Mr. Poddar has over 35 years of experience in running successful businesses including supply & installation of mechanical multilevel parking systems, manufacturing of prestressed Concrete products, LPG cylinders and bottling and marketing of LPG. He holds IPRs for various technologies. 

He has developed “Environics”- a radiation management practice for correcting negative natural and man-made radiations, for improving the health of people and productivity of organizations. Environics has been implemented in over 2500 establishments including Airports, Refineries, Steel & Power Plants, Offices and residencies. He has also invented the “EnviroChip”, which neutralizes the harmful aspect of electro-magnetic radiation and prevents biological damage, without affecting the Signal Strength and Quality. 

Apart from being the Managing Director of Syenergy Environics Ltd., he is also the Chairman of ASEAN, OCEANIA and East Asia committee at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Founder Member of Indian Green Building Council.

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