Dr. James Mabey, MD (A&ME) and CIBO, Standard International, LLC, (UAE)

On The Brand Called You, we have with us today an extremely accomplished personality, Mr. James Mabey. Mr. Mabey is the Managing Director of Standard International. He is also the Non executive director of the Ceylon Cello group and a professor of Hotel Strategy at the Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Hotel Management. Mr. Mabey is also the Chair of IPO South East Asia Angels Chapter. He has finished his MBA, holds a Law degree and has a PhD in Hospitality and Tourism Management!

Standard International is a twenty year old venture in the United States of American. It is a leader in lifestyle spaces. SI is a socially conscious and active space that encourages the engagement of the guests. 

Mr. Mabey and Mr. Garg discussed the changes taking place in the travel industry. Mr. Mabey believes that the millenials and Gen Zs are spending more and more of their disposable income on gaining experience. While talking about giant hotel brands, Mr. Mabey mentions that the marketing and distribution system are flourishing the bigger brands. Long term profitability and brand loyalty are two different strategies that keep the business going.

Mr. Mabey firmly believes in gaining as much experience as one can. And interacting with people that contribute to growth.

Dr. James Mabey, MD (A&ME) and CIBO, Standard International, LLC, (UAE)



Dr. James Mabey is Managing Director Middle East and Asia at Standard International. He is responsible for all the StandardInternational’s business in Asia and the Middle East. He is a Non- executive Director on the Board of Selong Selo. Additionally, Dr. Mabey serves as chairman of YPO’s South East Asia Angels chapter and is Professor of Hotel Strategy and Development at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management. Throughout his 20-year career, he has led teams based in Beijing, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. His ability to build sustained relationships across the entire supply chain within the hospitality and real estate industry, has led him to successfully spearhead projects in 13 countries.

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