Ewa Hutmacher, CEO and Co-Founder, Snabbfoting

Ewa Hutmacher, CEO and Co-Founder, Snabbfoting

  • Ewa is the CEO and Co-Founder of Snabbfoting a company that does advisory in learning and technologies for education.




Ewa had a career in asset management for 15 years and then decided to become an entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Snabbfoting a company that does advisory in learning and technologies for education. It develops leaders, talents, and organizations to be better and prepare themselves for the future. Ewa talks about her journey in life and the lessons she learned in her long professional life.

00:50- From a career in Asset Management to starting Snabbfoting

  • I’m a person that likes to learn a lot. I like to explore. My intention was to be an engineer. But I was very interested in economics, assets, and equities and decided to switch my plans from science and engineering to asset management.
  • I loved to follow companies, investigate them, read the facts, meet investors, etc. So, I started that early in my career. And it was interesting, with so much to learn.
  • But after a while, I thought, where is the real purpose? I learned a lot, but I needed something more. And because I like to develop myself and explore, I decided to quit after 15 years of working.
  • And my purpose and my passion are to develop people and organizations. So, from money and investments in the asset management industry, I went to develop people and organizations.

03:06- What does Snabbfoting do?

  • At Snabbfoting we do advisory in learning and technologies for education. So, we develop leaders, talents, and organizations to be better and prepare themselves for the future.
  • We do onboarding programs, to share the values of the organization and prepare all the new talents.
  • We also do development programs when there is a special need or a topic. For example, it can be sales development, that an organization needs to prepare their salespeople better. Here we help them with the right module and prepare them to be better sales leaders.
  • We work with partners or direct into the organizations with their own subject-matter experts. So, we are like matchmakers, we have the knowledge to do the strategy for better eLearning, relevant eLearning, and in the right context.

07:26- What does an ed-tech consulting company mean

  • We provide our clients with the right technologies for their ecosystems. We work a lot in the Nordic region with quite large companies. And many times, they have like eight or ten different platforms.
  • So, then we do research and understand their need, and make a strategy for them. So, we go through the ecosystem and take away or add platforms.
  • We ask a lot of questions to make a sort of diagnosis. Then we decide together in collaboration with the client.
  • And often we work with a few people because it is better to have a small team and network in their organization to make the implementation more powerful.

10:22- Challenges when working with clients

  • One challenge is digital maturity, that is, how mature are they to implement digital learning solutions? There is a process to implement that sort of system and you need some knowledge.
  • The other thing is behavioral change. It is a transformation journey to set up learning programs and implement them and see a good outcome of that learning program. There should be a yearning for learning.

12:46- How was your business affected by the pandemic?

  • We are a quite young company, three, four years old. We had just started to grow. Customers were coming to us, but when the pandemic entered, then we lost a few of our customers and agreements we saw in the pipeline.
  • But we decided to grow through the pandemic, so, instead of laying off people, we decided to invest in them throughout the pandemic. So, it was another strategy.

15:39- Your core values

  • I think it’s important to have courage. It helped me a lot during my early years. And I really promote others to use courage. But it’s exciting with people that can admit I don’t have the knowledge. I can’t give you an answer. That is connected to courage as well.
  • I think the connection with people is very important. And as I grew a business and build teams, it is important for me to spend time and make people feel they belong to the team. So that is very important for me.
  • To be curious is really important for me. To explore new things, and discover, because that is connected to learning. After learning you develop yourself, and be a better version of yourself. And when you understand yourself, then you can connect better with other people as well.

17:59- Three lessons you want our viewers and listeners

  • Try new things.  My move from one sector to another, from the asset management industry to being an entrepreneur, has been so wonderful and filled with so much learning to better my experience in life. So, try more.
  • Be curious. Because if you are curious, then you will learn what you like and you can think and rethink. You can answer questions like, ‘Do I like this?’, ‘Is it right for me?’, ‘Do I need to change something?’, ‘Do I need to make more of this or put away things
  • Another important thing is collaborating with people. I have learned many times that when you are alone, you are not strong. But when you collaborate, it gives so much more. You learn with more people, you can make more outcomes.


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  • Ewa is the CEO and Co-Founder of Snabbfoting a company that does advisory in learning and technologies for education.
  • Ewa had a career in asset management for 15 years before taking up entrepreneurship.
  • Snabbfoting does advisory in learning and technologies for education.

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