Does bullying affect everyone equally? | Linda Crockett, CEO and Founder, The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources

Bullying is a repeated aggressive behavior where one person (or group of people) in a position of power deliberately intimidates, abuses, or coerces an individual with the intention to hurt that person physically or emotionally. Acts of bullying can be physical or verbal. Many young people can be unkind to each other during adolescence as they refine social skills and grow into adults. While these interactions are unpleasant, there is a clear line between conflict and bullying.

All young people are in danger of being bullied at some point during their adolescence—but there are certain populations at greater risk.

About Linda Crockett

  • Linda is the CEO and Founder of the Canadian Institute of workplace bullying resources.
  • She has also spearheaded regional and national workplace bullying awareness.
  • Linda has won awards from the Government of Alberta and the University of Calgary for her specialized services.
  • She has a master’s degree specializing in workplace bullying.
  • She has a certification as a trauma therapist.

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