Educating and Empowering Women of Rural India with Pradeep Pundhir, Founder and Director, SPECTRA Organisation (Hindi)

Today on our podcast, we have a leader from the social sector, Pradeep Pundhir in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Pradeep has contributed his whole life giving back to the society, especially the villages, empowering the women there and restoring the culture of the villages. Founder and Director of Spectra, Pradeep tells us about his interest in Sewa from a young age, he shares the challenges he faces while working with the village women and how he helps them stand on their own feet. The girl children educated by the mohalla schools led by Pradeep have achieved so much in life and have become role models for the smaller girls in villages. Tune in to find out why the government’s plans for the upliftment of villages never work out and what needs to be done to solve that problem.

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