Purnima Shah | Health Consultant (Alternative Medicine)

Purnima Shah | Health Consultant (Alternative Medicine)

  • Purnima is a health consultant for alternative medicine.
  • She is a retired banker.



In the heart of Kenya, Purnima Shah, a seasoned health consultant, is making waves in the realm of alternative medicine. Purnima has become a beacon of hope for many, offering a unique blend of alternative therapies such as acupressure, reflexology, and naturopathy. Despite scepticism and misconceptions, Purnima is on a mission to revolutionize health practices, one personalized and holistic treatment at a time. This is the story of her dedication to alternative medicine and the countless lives she has positively impacted.

[00:38] – About Purnima Shah

  • Purnima is a health consultant for alternative medicine.
  • She is a retired banker.

[04:22] – How does alternative medicine differ from conventional or Western medicine?

  • Alternative medicine uses natural remedies and treatments.
  • As they are not chemically based, they result in fewer side effects compared to Western medicine. 
  • The focus is on holistic well-being and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes. 

[13:32] – Is there scientific research supporting alternative medicine treatments?

  • Different countries have their traditional remedies. 
  • Alternative therapies like reflexology and acupressure have common factors in stimulating organs, leading to positive results. 
  • The focus is on the outcome and people’s healing.

[19:12] – How do cultural practices and traditions influence the use of alternative medicine?

  • Alternative medicine, rooted in natural remedies, has existed for thousands of years. 
  • Cultural and religious elements are sometimes combined with healing practices. 


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  • Purnima is a health consultant for alternative medicine.
  • She is a retired banker.

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