Susanne Schroff, President, SANNI Foundation

Susanne Schroff, President, SANNI Foundation

  • Susanne Schroff is the president of the SANNI Foundation. 
  • She’s a fellow member of YPO, from Zurich.



In this insightful interview, Susanne Schroff, the President of SANNI Foundation, opens up about her remarkable journey of establishing a foundation dedicated to uplifting underprivileged communities in India and Myanmar. With a focus on education, health, and women’s empowerment, Schroff’s organization has transformed countless lives, providing access to essential resources and opportunities. From sponsoring children’s education to building sustainable medical villages, Schroff’s work is a testament to the power of compassion and determination. Her inspiring stories of individuals who have benefited from the foundation’s initiatives serve as a reminder of the profound impact one can have on the world.

00:38- About Susanne Schroff

  • Susanne Schroff is the president of the SANNI Foundation. 
  • She’s a fellow member of YPO, from Zurich.

03:25- What inspired you to focus on education, poverty alleviation, health, and women’s empowerment in South India and Myanmar?

  • The experience of seeing extreme poverty and the lack of necessities like food, medicine, and education during travels inspired a focus on these fundamental needs, recognizing their critical importance for human dignity and development.
  • Collaborations with dedicated individuals like Father Jaws and Dr. Frank, who were committed to sustainable and impactful projects, motivated efforts to create lasting change in communities, leveraging their expertise and commitment.
  • The desire to create sustainable initiatives that would continue to thrive independently, combined with a deep understanding of local cultures and needs, drove the focus on specific regions where the impact could be maximized and maintained.

24:44- What is the legacy that you want to leave behind?

  • Encourage more people to understand that helping others not only benefits those in need but also brings happiness to the helper.
  • Highlight the importance of being grateful for one’s circumstances and empathizing with those less fortunate, like those born into extreme poverty.
  • Demonstrate that despite the world’s challenges, making a positive difference in individual lives contributes to overall improvement and personal fulfillment.


Learn more about Susanne Schroff: LinkedIn

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  • Susanne Schroff is the president of the SANNI Foundation. 
  • She’s a fellow member of YPO, from Zurich.

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