In this episode of The Brand Called You we welcome a senior professional and executive coach/leader Suresh Raina. Suresh is a Partner at Hunt Partners India. He is also a certified coach. He volunteers for nonprofits and is an avid runner.

In this interview, Suresh shares his journey from MBA and finance into the field of coaching and executive search firms. Suresh talks about his journey of getting his education in the US and returning to his home country to work and make an impact here.

Talking about the Company that he partners with, Suresh shares that Hunt Partners is a leading advisory firm that provides several services. He mentions the challenges faced while building the company into one of the leading advisory firms across several continents.

Covering another aspect of the diverse work that he does, Ashutosh and Suresh engage in a very interesting discussion about coaching. They talk about the increasing relevance and importance of coaching. Suresh also talks about his term at De La Rue, a leading currency printing company. His opinions on failure are empowering and significant. And the advice that Suresh gives towards the end will definitely give a new perspective to aspiring entrepreneurs. Tune in!

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