Horst Gallo, Chief People Officer, Orion Innovation

Horst Gallo, Chief People Officer, Orion Innovation

  • Horst Gallo is the Chief People Officer, Orion Innovation.




With the work shifting to remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of human resources has garnered great attention. Achieving business objectives while constantly adhering to work culture, motivating the employees, training the new people, and providing an environment of innovation, HR plays a crucial role in any business. Today, we discuss the evolution and importance of the role with our esteemed guest, Mr. Horst Gallo.

[00:34] – About Horst Gallo

  • Horst Gallo is the Chief People Officer, Orion Innovation.
  • It is a digital transformation company working across several different industries.

[01:38] – How has the function of the Chief People’s Officer evolved over the decades?

  • Years ago, it was about administration and compliance.
  • In the last 10 years, you can see a shift with topics like engagement.
  • HR, today, is a lot more at the forefront. Part of our job is about coaching the business leaders not only in the content around people but also on content around business.

[04:00] – What are some key HR challenges that were faced because of the pandemic?

  • It was challenging but was also a big opportunity as it positioned the CHRO in a very different light.
  • It was a very quick transition from people working in an office to people working remotely.
  • Leadership had to change to bring an efficiency in this change.

[05:34] – What is your perspective on “The Great Resignation”?

  • The better way to call it is “The Great Evaluation”.
  • During the pandemic, everyone had a different perspective to work. People organized themselves differently, moving back to their homes.
  • People realized work can be done from anywhere. They have started to re-evaluate their priorities in life.
  • Important part for me is that as an organization, how can we facilitate this new normal
  • Office is no more a working ground but a meeting, innovation and collaboration space.

[10:08] – What happens to stability when people today are working in more than one job?

  • From a person’s perspective, they are creating flexibility for themselves. They organize work around their lives, unlike life around work.
  • However, I would want to see if it changes with the approaching recession.
  • From a business’s perspective, looking at stability is not the case anymore.
  • The gig economy gives a chance to both, the employee and the organization to re-evaluate things and is a lot more honest.

[16:38] – What are the trends in work from home that you see?

  • There are a lot of different trends as it depends on the business model.
  • Some organizations need people to work from the office, while others have become fully remote. However, it is very important to focus on culture in that case, as it is usually more intensified from workplace.
  • Many companies are somewhere in the middle. However, hybrid is the answer and decisions of hybrid need to be done at the team level where you get work done. Some projects need work in office to drive innovation and collaboration.


You can connect with Horst Gallo –  LinkedIn

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  • Horst Gallo is the Chief People Officer, Orion Innovation.
  • It is a digital transformation company working across several different industries.

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