“When a woman realizes how worthy she is, there is a light that goes on in her and that light spreads in others and her own potential.” – Aekta Kapoor  Today on our podcast we have a writer, journalist, editor, feminist, and much more, Aekta Kapoor, in a spirited conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Aekta is the Founder of eShe magazine, she is also a lifestyle journalist. She has worked for many major newspapers, online and in print as well. She is also an author. In the interview, Aekta talks to us about her work for the Indo-Pak summit, she emphasizes the need for a peace summit where the youth and women from both countries are involved. She suggests different ways of having a peaceful relationship with our neighbor Pakistan. Known for her feminist comments, Aekta talks to us about some of her controversial comments. She shares her opinion on marriages in our country, she tells us that women are prettified and beautified in our country and are reduced to bodily functions after she’s married and we as a society, have accepted that. She emphasizes the need to give more power and agency to women in our society. Aekta then talks to us about her book, “Hundred Paths” which she tells us is about her spiritual journey and how she was able to find God and divine inspiration in daily activities. A Buddhist and a motivational speaker, Aekta’s journey is an inspiration for every woman out there. Tune in to find more!

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