Iris Patricia Furer | INSIDEOUT – Executive Coach

Iris Patricia Furer | INSIDEOUT – Executive Coach

  • Iris is an Executive Coach.
  • Her firm is called Inside Out. 



Welcome to the enlightening episode of “The Brand Called You,” as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Iris Patricia Furer, an esteemed executive coach based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Dive into the insights Iris shares about her coaching philosophy, the significance of leading from the heart, and her unique AAA inside-out coaching approach.

[00:36] – About Iris Patricia Furer

  • Iris is an Executive Coach.
  • Her firm is called Inside Out. 

[02:02] – Could you elaborate on the “inside-out” coaching approach and its significance?

  • It is used to convey that any meaningful change or transformation starts from within. 
  • It is paramount to nurture and unearth the inherent qualities and emotions within individuals. 
  • The coaching process involves exploring the root of beliefs and emotions to achieve alignment and positive change.

[09:23] – How important is emotional intelligence for leadership? How do you cultivate this in executives who you coach?

  • Emotional agility is an extension of emotional intelligence. 
  • I believe in reconnecting individuals, especially those accustomed to a more analytical mindset, with their emotions. 
  • This involves a step-by-step approach to accepting and embracing both negative and positive emotions, fostering compassion, empathy, and connectedness. 

[21:14] – What areas do we need to coach young leaders, specifically Millennials and Gen Z?

  • They need to be taught patience and willingness to understand and collaborate across generations. 
  • This can be fostered by dropping labels, sitting together at a round table, and recognizing the strengths that each generation brings. 
  • Patience is crucial for allowing positive changes to unfold.


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  • Iris is an Executive Coach.
  • Her firm is called Inside Out. 

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