In the humdrum of our technologically driven hectic lives, very few of us actually slow down and rethink our life choices. Very few of us actually stop and consider whether our work contributes to greater welfare. Working your dream job is definitely one of the most exciting things in life. But how often do we pursue our passion? How often do we take up adventure for ourselves and the world? Do we ever risk ourselves going out there and face the realities the world poses? We definitely know someone who does! The Brand Called You is back with a fresh episode with our guest Balaz Simon from Thailand. Simon is the Mischief Soul Searching Officer at LifeCampus. He has been employed by the United Nations from the age of 25! He has worked with people with differing and difficult backgrounds. His work is incredible and very contributive to humanity.

Tune in to know more about Simon and the work he has done in various countries.

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