Helena Lass, Teacher of Practical Consciousness

Helena Lass, Teacher of Practical Consciousness

Helena Lass is a medical professional and a teacher of practical consciousness.




Due to systematic intrapersonal education, everyone can take their self-development to the next level and improve their life and professional career. Dr Helena Lass not only believes it, but lives it. Today’s episode, THE BRAND CALLED YOU, presents Dr Helena Lass, a practicing psychiatrist and global proactive mental wellness approach pioneer. She is passionate about medical science, the functioning of the human mind, entrepreneurship, and the role of awareness in each of these areas.

Dr Lass treated patients for more than ten years as a medical doctor. Besides medical science, developed a new proactive approach to mental wellness that can be easily applied in all workplaces. This revolutionary approach to the internal realm relies on the practical teachings of her primary mentor and source of inspiration Ingvar Villido, a renowned awareness teacher with 25+ years of experience.

[00:58] – About Helena Lass.

  • Helena Lass is a medical professional and a teacher of practical consciousness
  • She co-founded a mental wellness platform
  • As a psychiatrist, she helps people with emotional healing

[16:30] – What are some of the mental health challenges faced by human beings?

  • The whole area of Psychiatry, psychology, and mental health programs needs total reform.
  • Skipping the theories, hypotheses, and opinions and only operating with facts means that practical consciousness will only be the foundation.
  • Most mental health disorders are actually disorders of automatic emotions
  • WHO reveals, keeping behind cardiovascular disease and cancer, the Number 1 killer in the world is Depression.

[06:36] – How can every person helpfully apply consciousness?

  • We all are here with a gift to share and deliver.
  • My path & passion is to help people to make a transformation.
  • People’s questions inspire me to go ahead.
  • Overcoming the complicated stuff inspires me all the time.

[12:30] – Help me understand your values concerning consciousness with examples.

  • Simplicity is a natural state of consciousness
  • Simplicity is remaining in a pure, authentic recognition of the world precisely the way it is.
  • All genius things are simple

[20:57] – How do culture impact well-being, emotions, and consciousness?

  • We don’t only pass on the physical body and the genes, but everything else that we learn.
  • The story of a medicinal man
  • In culture, we pass on the problems too, while it is considered in society as a norm.

[25:36]- 3 lessons for the audience to take away from your journey.

  • Notice reality because there is suffering and joy.
  • Look at our problems-This too shall pass.
  • Pay attention to our two worlds, outside and inside us.


You can connect with Helena Lass- on LinkedIn. 

Visit – https://www.wellnessorbit.com/dr-helena-lass/

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  •  Helena Lass is a medical professional and a teacher of practical consciousness.
  • She co-founded a mental wellness platform.
  • As a psychiatrist, she helps people with emotional healing.

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