Ehsan Ali, Mentor, and Coach On a mission to empower 100K IT professionals

Ehsan Ali, Mentor, and Coach On a mission to empower 100K IT professionals

Nir Ben-Lavi is an accomplished Tech entrepreneur from Israel. He is a YPO member and CEO and Co-Founder, of the Pangea Cup. He is also the Managing Partner of AgroNation Investment House. Furthermore, he is the author of three books. 



Whether you are a new entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner, or a salesperson, you need a mentor. And who will be your mentor? Even if you are a die-hard self-starter, who doesn’t need a mentor?  Not having a mentor in your life can be a real bummer, especially when you are just starting out.  You are also missing out on a lot of opportunities. You can make great connections with mentors, and you can learn from their mistakes. Today, we have Ehsan Ali, Mentor and Coach On a mission to empower 100K IT professionals to talk to us about coaching, mentoring, and his mission.

About Ehsan Ali, Mentor and Coach On a mission to empower 100K IT professionals

Ehsan Ali is a very senior and accomplished coach and mentor who is on the mission to empower 100K IT professionals. He hosts a podcast, Empowering Indian Expats.

What areas can you empower IT, professionals?

My focus is on mid-career professionals, with 12-15 years to 20-25 years of experience. In 10 years you reach a stage, and then you do not know what to do to move from there. You are burnt out, and you are not finding meaning in the work. You have a wall in front of you, and you do not know how to cross it. I help people open up, and you should be able to see through. I create a roadmap for individuals to move on that path.

IT professional to General Management

If somebody wants to grow in an organization, it is not really about becoming a general management person. The first important thing is you should be aligned with the culture of the company. The second is to understand the business landscape if you want to get into a leadership role.

What made you become a Coach?

Working with my business coach and when I decided I would do something of my own, so we look at business ideas. My business coach made me relate to who I am. It came down to me being somebody who has been into teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

What has changed in the world of coaching?

The world has changed. There is more awareness of what is possible and what are tools or what I could leverage to do better in my life or unleash my potential. Coaching is an art and science. Coaches’ role is to find out what challenges coachees are going through. What are the obstacles in taking you from point A to point B? How do we remove that obstacle, by creating a game plan? Mentorship is not a structured approach. I learn from my mentor’s experience. Mentoring is always by people who have achieved what I want to achieve.

What framework do you use for your coaching?

My target audience is mid-career professionals. I have created a three-step process for them. Think of a triangle, one side is clarity, the second side is communication and the third side is connection. I look at these three parameters.

Younger Generations and Organizations

Within Australia, I am connected with a lot of university students. This generation has clarity and is more talented than our generation. Whatever happens within the organization, has to be worked out from both sides. It is all about the generation gap, understanding each other, and respecting each other.


Ehsan’s passion for coaching and mentoring runs deep. As a 9-year-old, he was inspired by his father who taught high school students in a lower-middle-class community intending to transform their future for generations to come.

Ehsan was the first person to qualify for engineering in his community. He then inspired and coached a few dozens to follow his path. Post-graduation, he taught engineering before entering
the IT industry.

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