Mohan Ramaswamy, Co-Founder, Terrago Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Mohan Ramaswamy, Co-Founder, Terrago Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy is a senior supply chain leader from India.




A supply chain is a network of individuals and companies who are involved in creating a product and delivering it to the consumer. Supply chain management is a crucial process because an optimized supply chain results in lower costs and a more efficient production cycle. The main role of logistics in supply chain management is primarily to increase the overall value of each delivery, which is identified by customer satisfaction.Terrago Logistics is one such Phygital company, providing end2end logistics solutions in Multi-modal transport, warehousing, Last Mile Delivery through Electric Vehicles.

Mohan Ramaswamy is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer services industry. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional and people manager. He is skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Spend Analysis, Pricing Strategy, and Strategic Sourcing.

00:23 – About Mohan Ramaswamy

  • Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy is a senior supply chain leader from India.
  • Mohan is the co-founder of Durango logistics Private Limited.

00:36:  Tell me a little bit about the Terrago logistics.

  • Terrago is actually phygital company.
  • We call it an interior logistics supply chain solutions company, which has got both its digital physical services as a digital arm.
  • And it’s a very asset light company, and it’s motivationally, looking at Green logistics to propagate in the country.
  •  We started this venture in 2017.

05:17- What are some of the vulnerabilities that continue to exist in supply chains?

  • I look at this as three things which are not just national or limited to India.
  • Firstly, the human capital is a big one.
  • The second I would say is for the Indian industry supply chain to grow. There is a huge dependence today on the Forex, which is again a very big vulnerability today.
  •  A lot of important imports still are happening either because of dependence on the Chinese market, or because of the West Asia, West European markets and US markets.
  • Thirdly, I think it is the infrastructure. I think we are way behind and there are still no loopholes to be plugged, in my opinion.

10:34- How is technology changing supply chains?

  • 20 years back, the technology used to be basically inventory management, and something about order processing systems.
  • Later on, with the advent of the late 90s, with SAP coming into the picture, it gave us enterprise resource planning structure.
  • Over the time, this enterprise resource planning has moved on to become more encompassing, to manage planning, to manufacturing to delivery to working capital management.
  • Today, all that is gone into Cloud, typically, any small scale or large scale companies can work on the cloud to get these technologies.
  • I think, most importantly, is the speed of the technology.


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  • Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy is a senior supply chain leader from India.
  • Mohan is the co-founder at Durango logistics Private Limited.

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