Lina Ashar, Co-Founder, Korroboree, Online School

Lina Ashar, Co-Founder, Korroboree, Online School

Lina Ashar is the Co-Founder of Korroboree which is an online school, focusing on self-discovery and self-mastery. She is the Founder Emeritus of Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International School



Parenting is one of the most challenging things that a person can ever do. However, there are some parents out there who take it lightly and don’t really put in the same effort that they should. This can result in kids who aren’t as knowledgeable or social as they could be. Parenting doesn’t have to be hard, though. Lina Ashar, Co-Founder, Korroboree, Online School is giving some tips on how you can make sure that your kids get the best education possible.

[00:30] About Lina Ashar, Co-Founder, Korroboree, Online School

  • Lina Ashar is the Co-Founder of Korroboree which is an online school, focusing on self-discovery and self-mastery.
  • She is the Founder Emeritus of Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools.
  • She is also a happiness advocate.

About Korroboree, Online School

Korroboree is a parenting portal that explores the role parents need to play in empowering children to attain their highest potential by developing the capacity for creativity, intuition, and ingenuity; the capacity that will enable children to find their greatness in the coming age of imagination. Our intent is to take parents on a journey towards mindful parenting and purposeful upbringing.

About Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools

Kangaroo Kids Educations Limited (KKEL) owned, Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools (BHIS), the forerunners in new format schooling and applied scientific learning methodologies, initiated a change in the education paradigm way almost two decades ago. Founded by Lina Ashar in 1993, KKEL works with their unique, proprietary pedagogical model that has been developed with more than 150,000 man-hours spent on the research and design incorporating contemporary education research, neuroscience, and energy science.

Today, KKEL’s revolutionary model of education is imparted at over 100 schools in 30 cities across India, as well as in Dubai, Maldives, and Qatar. Kangaroo Kids was voted The Most Trusted Education Brand by The Brand Trust Report 2014, competing for this award with institutions such as IIM, IIT, NIIT, Oxford and Yale University.

BHIS has ranked amongst the Top 10 International Schools in India in a survey by the Education World Magazine in 2014. BHIS students upheld our flag at a global stage with World Toppers in the IGSCE exams – none of whom enrolled for any kind of tuition – which is the most important testimony to KKEL’s Conceptual Age curriculum. Kangaroo Kids and BHIS are now on their path to creating a larger footprint through owned and partner school models on a world stage.

[00:52] Motivation to start this venture

  • The yearning for joyful learning and even High school should be fun was the motivation behind Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools.
  • Korroboree is beyond that because it is still looking at happiness, peace, and evolving state of human consciousness.
  • Korroboree means Sacred Gathering in Aboriginal Language.

[04:30] Different education systems

  • We look at universal human values.
  • In India, we get lost in the rituals rather than focusing on human values.
  • If we bring the advances that the West has made in neurosciences to Indian history, it will be a great fusion.

[07:11]  Learning during Pandemic

  • Parents should have realized through the pandemic that we can actually do schooling at a higher level of accelerated learning in half the time it takes on a school day.
  • You’re saving two-plus hours of a child’s travel time, and there’s no homework in our online school.

[09:55] Self-Discover and Self-Mastery

We all are aware of the inner narrative. The way that inner narrative works, it expresses our outer reality.

[12:18] Perspective on Indian Education System

  • The kids who are doing really well, a lot of them go to cross borders for international education.
  • No one’s looking at the other side of the pressure cooker, which is that we have a lot of kids who are committing suicide, who are going into depths of depression.

[14:19] How is technology changing education?

We know that tech is doing well. The only thing they are doing wrong is they are taking conventional classrooms and turning them into digital. We have to use the power of the human brain.

Technology is a tool, and it should not become a medium.


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Kangaroo Kids Educations Limited (KKEL): About | LinkedIn

Korroboree Online School: About | LinkedIn

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Lina Ashar did her primary schooling in England before moving to Australia, where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Education from Melbourne’s, Victoria College. In 1991, she came to India on a year-long sabbatical from college. While connecting with her roots, she landed up taking a teaching stint at a prestigious heritage school in suburban Mumbai, an experience that changed her life and led to the burning question “How can she bring back the joy of childhood for the children in India?”

Back then, the education system in India was still grappling with a straitjacketed approach to education. It was robbing children of their childhood. She was appalled by a lackluster system of education that upheld only the high-flyers. Crammed classrooms, disinterested students, and over-stressed parents inspired her to work on a model of education that was fulfilling, effective, and yet stress-free.

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