Purvi Sheth, CEO, Shilputsi Consultants

Purvi Sheth, CEO, Shilputsi Consultants

Purvi Sheth is a second-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Shilputsi Consultants, a strategic HR consulting space in India. The boutique firm has contributed a talent base in top global and Indian companies. Today, we discuss with her the evolving role of HR



 Human Resources, we know, play a key role in the growth and sustainability of an organization. It is no longer concerned with just finding the right candidate for a job role. They are responsible for curating and establishing an organization’s culture. Employees from the base of any organization, and if they do not follow a culture of a company, it won’t grow. Managing the manpower of the company, is thus, very important. Today, we discuss how HR, today, is no longer just a support system but a chief operation.

About Purvi Sheth

Purvi Sheth is a second-generation entrepreneur and CEO of Shilputsi Consultants, a strategic HR consulting space in India. The boutique firm has contributed a talent base in top global and Indian companies. Today, we discuss with her the evolving role of HR.


Purvi talks about the three broad services that Shliputsi offers:

  • HR Advisory: helping companies strategize HR, put processes in place, and execute the strategies
  • Leadership development: focus on coaching
  • Talent Acquisition: help companies find the right talent from various industries at the senior level, board level, and mid-senior level.

She talks about how HR has moved from just a support system to an engagement function. Purvi calls it a symbiotic relationship, where HR and chief business cannot work independently of each other.


Purvi talks about how technology has changed the way HR works, making the work more predictive and data-based. She says, “Technology has made it a lot more precise, accurate, efficient. CHROs will have to transform into becoming more analytical.”

Purvi further shares her thoughts on AI, technology that she had adopted for her organization readily as well. The employee life cycle which ends at exit interviews is done by AI today. However, she emphasizes that it is just an enabler and human connection has to be sustained despite all the developments.

Pandemic & Employee Management

Purvi explains the key changes that happened in the business environment because of the pandemic: the way businesses are run and the way we work.

She says, “Major challenge is the dilemma between work from office and home.”

She explains how there will be a process of changing habits again as individuals are now looking at themselves, not at the organization.

Purvi also talks about the great resignation happening across the globe. She feels that mid-sized companies have largely faced the brunt of the trend. However, it was needed for some corrections in the working of the companies as well.

Purvi calls out the major causes of it which are frustrations, people being bored with doing the same things at home, middle management problems, and pandemic salary cuts.

Search Firms to Business Partners

HR Consultancy firms initially were just looked at as search firms for finding the right candidate. Purvi recalls the days when they used to have physical rooms with a database of resumes. She says, “Today, the cloud is also not able to accommodate all the information. Finding the right candidate is about analysis of culture fit, and  resilience to remain in the job.”

More About Purvi

Purvi talks about the two virtual programs designed for the leadership growth of women leaders and another program which is a gender agnostic program.

She talks about her milestones: a journey from starting at the bottom to becoming the CEO of Shilputsi consultancy, becoming a board member of Shilputis’s first client, and her noble cause of raising funds for children suffering from cancer.

She advises the young generation, “Do new things, take some risks and find yourself. It is important to connect the dots. But don’t make so many dots that you can’t find yourself. Focus on quality over quantity.”


Purvi is an expert consultant and advisor to some of the most prestigious companies, boards, and CEOs, her offering has proven value in developing large-scale engagements, leading teams in executing complex strategic engagements,  and repeatedly contributing to intellectual capital.

A demonstrated thought leader for innovative ideas and solutions that engage client executives, Purvi helps create business opportunities and competitive advantage via modern & contextual HR strategy. Purvi has been commended by industry leaders for superior leadership development, performance advancement, and her excellent contributions to strategic HR.

Purvi is a respected leader and strategic mentor with a successful background in elevating organizational performance through skillful Leadership management and HR restructuring. Effective in boosting and impacting business performance and productivity, she helps cultivate talent engagement through advanced leadership processes and their implementation.

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