Chris Westfall | Business Coach, Writer and Keynote Speaker; Author, Easier

Chris Westfall | Business Coach, Writer, and Keynote Speaker; Author, Easier

  • Chris Westfall is a business coach. 
  • He is a writer and keynote speaker.



We live in the world of constant performance, whether these are tasks related to our personal life or professional ones. The increased pace of life has left our thoughts mingled making it difficult for us to process, and we mostly succumb to this difficult way of life, accepting it as a sad reality. What we do not realize is the potential we have in the efforts that we can take to deal with our problems and make our lives easier. In today’s episode, we talk about how life, in general, is easy and what can we do to make it easier in an otherwise fast-paced life

[00:34] – About Chris Westfall

  • Chris Westfall is a business coach. 
  • He is a writer and keynote speaker.
  • Chris is an author of a book titled “Easier”.
  • Chris has worked in several roles in marketing, sales, sales leadership, and marketing leadership, for companies all over the globe. 

[02:48] – Why did you write a book that’s called “Easier” when you know life isn’t easy? Are you saying that life can be easier? And if so, how?

  • I did not write this book, trying to say, “Oh, life is easy.” In my own personal journey, I feel like I have a Ph.D. and making things difficult for myself, making things hard, overthinking things.
  • During the pandemic, we were all in the midst of very difficult circumstances, and we all experienced a sense of loss, and that was my experience as well.
  • What I came to realise was that even when times are hard, easier, always exists.
  • There’s an easier way to show up, and there is a choice that can be made even when your circumstances don’t change. You can choose how you show up, you can choose how you react.  
  • And from this place of choice, I found a path to personal freedom, which, you know, Freedom isn’t a political construct.
  • It is a business book, and it talks about your work life, and how to attain work-life balance.

[04:54] – When you talk about this book, you go about creating the story of the client and the coach. Are you the client or the coach in the story?

  • The book is a business fable. It is a conversation between a client and a coach.
  • The conversation is based on my experiences being coached, I’ve always had coaches, and I’ve always been very encouraged by the coaching conversation. And I don’t like to go it alone.
  • As a business coach, I’ve seen and experienced some things that I wanted to share in the book.
  • So am I the client or the coach? Yes, I’m both. 

[10:55] – In this story that you talk about, you say that the coach loses his father. Is that a story about something which is personal to you? If yes, then what have been some of your learnings?

  •  It is a verbatim recount of what I experienced when I lost my father to COVID. And it was in the early days of the pandemic, before vaccines and mask mandates.
  • He tested positive on a Monday and by Friday, he was gone. 
  • There was a sharp pain and pang of grief of dealing with the unexpected loss. 

[17:20] – How does one access innovation and empathy for yourself and others, irrespective or regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in? 

  • Innovation is really a call for creativity. The path to innovation starts with what is it that you want to create for yourself? If you think about it, we are all put here on this earth as creators.
  • We create relationships, we create businesses, we create opportunities, we create challenges and problems for ourselves
  • Empathy really comes from remembering this phrase, which you will never regret, being kind. So, find some kindness for yourself in your journey in your pursuit and in the challenges that you’re facing, because we have to give to ourselves, what we wish to give to others.
  • Nobody works well under pressure. If you think of top performers, in business, in sports, and political leaders that you admire, what those people possess, is the ability in difficult circumstances, to remain relaxed and focused. And that starts with kindness and empathy for yourself so that you can share that same empathy with others


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  • Chris Westfall is a business coach. 
  • He is a writer and keynote speaker.
  • Chris is an author of a book titled “Easier”.
  • Chris has worked in several roles in marketing, sales, sales leadership, marketing leadership, for companies all over the globe.

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