David Nour, Relationship Economics Advisor, Educator, and Executive Coach

David Nour, Relationship Economics Advisor, Educator, and Executive Coach



We often discuss the importance of networking and professional relationships in the corporate world. But the real question remains unanswered, what does correct networking include? How to sustain and develop strategic relationships? In today’s discussion, we have your answers covered by David Nour, a relationships’ economics advisor.

[00:33] – About David Nour

  • David is a Relationship Economics Advisor.
  • He is an educator and an executive coach.
  • David is the founder of Nour group and the author of 11 books.

[04:32] – Help me understand the meaning of “Relationship Economics”.

  • In the eastern world, we first build relationships with whom we then do business. But in the western world, only if our business works, we ask for updates about family.
  • I realised that there are fundamentally two camps. There is an art of business relationships. It is a science called social network analysis. It is about studying patterns in human interactions.
  • Relationship Economics is the art and science of business relationships. It is about how to become more intentional in the relationships you choose to invest in.

[11:08] – How has your background supported your own coaching philosophy, values, and your style?

  • The best version of every leader is typically going to come from changes and behaviour.
  • The combination of my own experiences, combination of working across multiple industries across a multitude of geographies gives me a broad purview.
  • I like taking some executive clients from one industry to speak to leaders from a completely different industry.
  • As a technology business, you mostly deal with and read about technology. This gives a very myopic view of the tech space. In such situations, you are not looking at what is happening in industrial, manufacturing, or retail because you don’t think it is relevant.
  • But what is missing is the common thread among all of these, that is, supply chain, talent, technology, and transformation.
  • When you look beyond your industries, you broaden your horizons. Executives want to talk to peers and other operators who face similar challenges and opportunities.

[19:58] – What motivates you to write?

  • Writing a book is never easy, but it certainly gets easier as you get into a routine.
  • I often start with a question, I am genuinely curious about, and I start to read extensively.
  • If you identify a topic once, it is a point. You see it several times, it is a line. If you see it several times, it is a trend. When I see a challenge or opportunity across different industries, I begin to research and have conversations for an idea to percolate in my brain.
  • At some point, you have talked, coached, consulted and thought enough that you feel you have something to say.
  • I keep digital and physical folders of the ideas. Books for me are not business but business cards. They become an opportunity to share your ideas and perspectives.
  • My goal is to put my readers and audience to think and lead differently.


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  • David is a Relationship Economics Advisor.
  • He is an educator and an executive coach.
  • David is the founder of Nour group and the author of 11 books.

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