In this inspiring episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a leader from the social sector, Liby Johnson in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Liby is the Executive Director of Gram Vikas, a community development not for profit organization. He is also an expert at entrepreneurship promotion for the UNDP.

In the interview, Liby tells us about Gram Vikas and the work done by them. Gram Vikas is a 42-year-old organization, started by a group of university students. The same students who helped set up relief camps for people who fought the war in Bangladesh and the survivors in the cyclone of Odisha. Gram Vikas was started by them to improve the mobilizing of the Adivasi community, building their capabilities, strengthening community institutions, and helping them lead a dignified life. Gram Vikas has achieved so much throughout the years, from proper sanitation to freshwater in the communities, they have also helped the community get proper education and training.

Liby then shares some of his great learnings while working so closely with the rural communities. He tells us that his whole worldview has shifted from doing such work. The work done by Liby and Gram Vikas is commendable and necessary for the growth of our country. Tune in to find more!

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