Quite often we confuse self-love with self-obsession or narcissism. We’re not taught to prioritize self-love from a young age. Even though the general opinion around self-love is changing, we’ve still got a long way to go on this journey of self-exploration and knowing the ultimate truth. Today we have Meher Mirchandani, Author, and Entrepreneur who debunks all our myths related to self-love.

Meher is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Coach and she tells us that growing and empowering people is her number one passion in life. She wishes to empower this world by creating an absolutely inclusive environment with the help of self-love and self-transformation.

Meher believes in conscious leadership and that is what she looks for when she hires someone to be a part of her team. She believes that when you lead from your heart and when you’re connected with yourself, great things are possible.

Tune in to listen to Meher’s powerful insights!

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