Jigar Mehta, Founder, Honey Twigs

Jigar Mehta, Founder, Honey Twigs

Jigar is the Co-Founder of Honey Twigs and he shares some very interesting facts about Honey and its benefits.  



Superfoods are making a comeback in everyone’s life since the beginning of this pandemic. One such great comeback has been of our beloved Honey. Honey is found in every kitchen, at every home, but we have always treated it like medicine because of its rich antioxidant properties. But things surely are turning around with more and more benefits of daily consumption of honey coming to our notice. 

Today on our show, we have an entrepreneur who is making and selling honey in a very innovative way, Jigar Mehta. Jigar is the Co-Founder of Honey Twigs and he shares some very interesting facts about Honey and its benefits. 

Jigar starts off by sharing his story with us before Honey Twigs happened. He has worked with Kingdom of Dreams as a show caller and has organized many big events, like IIFA Awards, FIA Awards, motorsport awards, and much more. He tells us that a show caller controls the entire event, from every little detail down to each second. He shares how show calling has made him learn the importance of every second. 

Jigar then moved to his current role as the Co-Founder of Honey Twigs, which is a B2B company and is slowly shifting towards being a B2C. Honey Twigs sells single-serving honey sachets that are easy to carry around and consume. Jigar then tells us that Honey Twigs is associated with many big names, like Starbucks, CCD, Fairmont, Marriott, and many other local and domestic brands. He tells us why honey is THE ingredient and is very beneficial for us if consumed. He busts all our myths concerning honey, be it the purity of honey or its crystallization. 

As a young startup entrepreneur, Jigar talks to us about the mistakes startup entrepreneurs make while starting their companies, he shares some of his own mistakes while starting up Honey Twigs. He then shares his insights on when a startup should start scaling up, he tells us that the understanding of the market is the most important thing while doing that. 

Jigar’s innovative initiative is winning hearts all over the country! Tune in to find more!


Started my professional career at the age of 19 while pursuing my Bachelor in Commerce from DU. My first job was with a dance institute -The Danceworx (by Ashley Lobo) in Delhi, managing their studios and in charge of admissions and renewals. During my time there I caught the bug for the production of live events and theatre. Through my 10 years of theatre, live events, feature, and short film production, I worked with names like Lilette Dubey, Nandita Das, Shabhana Azmi and many more and was a part of the production team for an international television adventure show –The Amazing Race. In 2008, I decided to pursue my studies further (after a 10 yrs gap) and got my Master’s degree in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster, London. While still in London I applied for the role of a Showcaller in the upcoming Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon and came back to India. I was trained as India’s first Showcaller and set up and ran their premier show – Zangoora for almost 250 shows over a period of 2.5 years. During my tenure, I also got the opportunity to run prestigious live shows like The IIFA Awards (Toronto), Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in India, and Global Indian Music Awards. At the end of my Master’s degree, my final thesis was an integrated marketing campaign on Honey, which laid the foundation to start my brand – Honey Twigs. Prior to starting the business, we did a short survey with the consumers regarding the consumption patterns of honey, we found that most of the people in our country did not consume honey on a regular basis and were used as a medicinal product rather than a lifestyle product. Also, we concluded that there were a lot of nuances attached to the consumption of honey-like quality, mess, sticky fingers, cumbersome to eat and the standard bottles were not portable. Also attached were a lot of myths to honey-like crystallization, dark honey is bad, etc. Looking at all the nuances I along with my friend and classmate from University – Paras Fatnani co-founded Nectworks Foods in 2015 with the aim of making honey a mess-free and easy-to-use product while making sure the best quality products are offered to the consumer. Honey Twigs is a result of our ambition and aim to transform honey, into a trendy, mess-free healthy superfood snack as well as establishing Honey Twigs as a healthier alternative to table sugar. Honey Twigs is a teaspoon (8grams) of pure honey, available in single serves that can be used anytime, anywhere. Today besides the B2C segment we work majorly with a lot of B2B clients like Starbucks, Chai point, Cafe Coffee Day, Vistara, Spice Jet, and many hotel chains across India. We also export our products to the Middle East and South Korea.

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