Subodh Sharma, Co-Founder, – Indulgent Shaving & Skincare Essentials

Subodh Sharma, Co-Founder, – Indulgent Shaving & Skincare Essentials

  • Subodh Sharma is the Co-Founder of
  • Earlier, he worked with Williams Lea Tag.




In today’s world when looks are more important than ever, too many men still fail to recognize the importance of personal grooming, showing little understanding of how to go about the process. Many men take a slap-dash approach where they drag a comb across their head, splash on some aftershave, and think job done. However, there’s a problem here: people will notice your lack of grooming and from that, judge your character. Our guest for today is Subodh Sharma who is the Co-Founder of PinkWoolf.Com which is an indulgent shaving and skincare essentials brand.

[00:32] About Subodh Sharma

  • Subodh Sharma is the Co-Founder of
  • Earlier, he worked with Williams Lea Tag.

[00:52] What made you an entrepreneur?

  • After 22 years of working in BPO companies in Business Development, Operations, and Solution Design, the entrepreneur bug bit me and launched PinkWoolf with Stuti Sharma.
  • My corporate career was fantastic with a lot of learnings. I met really exceptional people along that journey.
  • The PinkWoolf started shaping up after I went through a few skin issues.

[01:56] What is the story behind this name?

  • There is a typicalnotion that men do not need skincare.
  • We wanted to break a tradition because everybody needs to take care of their skin.
  • Pink-Represents the softer side, which is values, culture, and tradition.
  • Woolf-Represents the hardest side, which is strength and intelligence.

[03:14] Challenges and learnings while scaling up

  • We came to a point where we just did not understand the digital world or social media.

[07:03] Products of

  • Pre-shave oil
  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Brushes
  • Safety Razor
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF 30
  • No soap face wash
  • Night Cream

[09:55] What goes into building a brand?

  • We have to put ourselves into silos and do what we think is right from our perspective, experience, and our own formulation.
  • Our strength is a superior product. 

[14:32] Change in the segmentation of the market

  • We thought about introducing beard products as well. But we stopped right there because we wanted to focus on the shaving market.
  • This market has mass products but lacks superior quality products.

[21:37] How are you handling digital platforms for your brand?

  • In two to three months you will see a much better cohesive message coming out from PinkWoolf.

[23:00] Three lessons for our audience

  • Take a chance.
  • Your education is never complete.
  • Get your fundamentals right. Pay attention to details. Complete focus on the packaging.


You can connect with Subodh Sharma- LinkedIn

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  • Subodh Sharma is the Co-Founder of
  • Earlier, he worked with Williams Lea Tag.

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