Jennifer Dungs, Global Head of Mobility, InnoEnergy


The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. It is one of the world’s largest industries by revenue. It is also the industry with the highest spending on research & development per firm.

In today’s episode of The Brand Called You, Jennifer Dungs talks about the future of automotive industries and mobility. She also touches upon her experience working as a chemist. She also talks about the companies she has worked at including Ford Motor Company, BMW and Porsche.

[00:16] – About Jennifer Dungs

  • She is the Global Head of Mobility at Innoenergy.
  • She has been a director at Fraunhofer, a major research institute in Germany.
  • She is currently responsible for strategic investments for Innoenergy.

01:32- What’s the first thing you share about yourself when meeting new people?

  • The first thing that I share about myself, it’s the same thing that I want to know about the other person, which is what drives them, or what inspires them.
  • Because at the end of the day, it’s not our titles or what companies we work at, but why we get up every day and do what we do.
  • Personally, this comes with the answer that I’m motivated to create an impact.
  • And what I love about the area of mobility is that it touches all of us.
  • It’s something that is central to all of us in how we live and how we work.
  •  And so even super small improvements in that can create a meaningful impact for all of us.

22:00- How do you balance your private life with your work life?

  • If I had to answer that, I would say, I’m not sure.
  • I think the way I look at it is that, at any given time, it’s mostly out of balance, meaning, I’m spending more time at work or more time with the family. But the point is that I look at it over a longer period of time, and then I find the balance.
  • So it may be I’ve got a really tough three months coming up at work. But then after that, I’m going to set aside some time for the family.
  • And I heard this quote I do aspire to this, which is it said, “I do quit, quitting is my favourite. Every day I quit, I wake up and care the most. And then at some point, I put it all away, I melt into my people or my family, I rest, I wake up, and I begin again.”

29:02- What would your advice be to young people starting off their career in this context?

  • I would say, and this is also advice I would give myself earlier, is to really put yourself out there to take some risks to speak up.
  •  Don’t always be intimidated or concerned if everything is not perfect, or how you wish it would be because I think this is where we learned the most lessons
  •  I was probably in my early days maybe a little bit too conservative that if I didn’t have all the answers, I wouldn’t speak up, but I hope we’re creating a culture now where we can kind of make that barrier to participation a little bit lower.
  • When you have a seat at the table, use your seat, because all voices and all backgrounds and all inputs are usually better than just having a few, and if there was one thing I could wish for in that space is just to give diversity or give some women a chance.


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  • She is the Global Head of Mobility at Innoenergy.
  • She has been a director at Fraunhofer, a major research institute in Germany.
  • She is currently responsible for strategic investments for Innoenergy.

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