Manish Advani, Founder, and CEO, MIMO Potentio

Manish Advani, Founder, and CEO, MIMO Potentio

Manish Advani is the Founder and CEO of MIMO Potentio. Manish is an 8 times TEDx Speaker. He is an Award-Winning Story Teller and a Business Leader who has 20 years of Corporate Experience




You must have heard the adage, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words.’  It refers to the notion that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description. Today, TBCY invites The Coconut Man of India, who talks about the importance of storytelling. Do you know why he is known as The Coconut Man of India?

Episode Highlights:

[00:32] About Manish Advani, Founder and CEO, MIMO Potentio

  • Manish Advani is the Founder and CEO of MIMO Potentio. Manish is an 8 times TEDx Speaker.
  • He is an Award-Winning Story Teller and a Business Leader who has 20 years of Corporate Experience. He has coached and trained leaders in various companies.
  • Not only that, but he is appointed as an Advisor in e2eHiring.

[01:04] Why are you known as ‘The Coconut Man of India’?

Three Initiatives or Three Reasons:

  • Promoting the concept of planting in coconut shells.
  • We attempted to make the first prototype of a house using sun-dried coconut shells.
  • I engage participants in the artwork on coconut shells.

[03:33] About MIMO Potentio

We assist our clients in the area of Leadership and Employee Development.

Change Management, Purpose-based initiatives, Storyfying Organizations’ complex policies, and procedures, Leadership Coaching, and in a lot of many areas can help organizations become people, customers, and community-centric.

  • MIMO- Mindful Inside Mindful Outside

[04:28] What is Mindfulness?

  • Mindful about our thoughts.

[05:09] Mindful Inside, Mindful Outside

Organizations had a near expiry product. They said now let’s offer this to all our employees at a 40 percent discount. This is a lack of mindfulness. If you’re preparing a sweet, at your home, you offer that sweet first to your family. You want to offer the leftover to people who have worked on it people who have given the sweat and blood for that particular thing, so this would be inside.

[07:06] Work as Storyteller

Art is a very important component of storytelling. A picture speaks a thousand words. Both are like an inseparable and lethal combination.  For me, storytelling has a lot to do with problem-solving, inspiration, shared learning. The story is something that stays in our minds for a longer period.

[11:23] Role of leadership in a good Corporate Story

Leadership plays a very crucial role in creating a good corporate story because what leaders do common people follow within the organization. Thoughts, actions, and words of leaders should be aligned.

[12:21] Role of Impact

Environmental, social, and governance are very crucial for every organization. Sustainability needs to be ingrained into the DNA of every individual in the organization.

[13:34] Role as a Coach

My consulting and coaching works around 4 C’s:

  • Culture
  • Content
  • Communication
  • Community

[15:10] Workplaces becoming millennial ready

There are a couple of organizations that are taking the lead in reverse mentoring. Leaders are open to learning from the kids who are coming with an immense amount of knowledge.

[18:20] Three key milestone

  • Studying in the United States of America
  • Working for Microsoft
  • Assisting Start-Ups


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Manish Advani Founder & CEO of MIMO Potentio is an award-winning StoryTeller, 8 Times TEDx Speaker, and a Business Leader with over 20 years of experience spanning diverse functionalities such as Learning and Development, Change Management, Corporate, and Internal Communications, Marketing, Purpose based Branding, Sales & Business Development, Sustainability, Story Writing &. Risk Management.

Manish’s work has won notable awards such as the Microsoft’s President Award, International Green Apple Award – House of Commons, British Parliament, SKOCH Blue Economy Silver Award, Public Relations Council of India’s Silver Award, NITIE’s on-the-Job Achievers Award, Top 100 Story Teller award and the LIMCA Book of Record.

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