Toye Oshunbiyi, Founder and CEO, Business Leaders Coach

Toye Oshunbiyi, Founder and CEO, Business Leaders Coach

Toye Oshunbiyi is the founder and CEO of Business Leaders Coach, an organization on a mission to coach leaders and business executives.




With the current globalization and the fast pace of the working environment, the role of coaching cannot be overstated. Running a business or managing one as a leader can often get lonely, but with the right coach and guidance, one can find the answers one is looking for consciously or subconsciously.

Today, we have one such coach who takes us through the importance of coaching and the role of a coach.

About Toye Oshunbiyi

Toye Oshunbiyi is the founder and CEO of Business Leaders Coach, an organization on a mission to coach leaders and business executives. Tune in to listen to the importance of having a learning mindset.


Toye talks about his journey to start the Business Leaders Coach, as he got the self-awareness on the importance of coaching and leadership. He defines coaching as the ability to be able to facilitate the coachee’s thinking to help him/her realise his/her potential.

He differentiates between coaching and mentoring as, “Mentoring is about a person been there done that, has walked the walk and mentee is following the path. A coach doesn’t necessarily have to walk the path. A good mentor should be a good coach as well.”

He believes the awareness of coaching is increasing because of an increased understanding of neuroscience.

Coach and Coachee Relationship

As a coach, Toye looks at the learner’s mindset before accepting a coachee. He says, “If I go to a mentor, I am expecting him to give an answer, but don’t expect a coach to give you an answer.”

He emphasises commitment, responsibility, and taking ownership as the key parameters before accepting a coachee.

A coachee on the other hand, before accepting a coach, needs to gauge if (s)he can help him/her to get the required results. He says, “Look for a coach that listens well.”

Toye also shares his thoughts on the duration of the coaching association, which should be as long as there are new levels to conquer.

Senior Leaders vs. Emerging Leaders

Toye further talks about the difference between coaching senior leaders vs. emerging leaders. He feels that with senior leaders, there are more questions and understanding the power of silence. He says, “It allows to give them space to dig deep into things they have experienced. It is also about challenging them to do and think about things in a way they are not used to.”

With emerging leaders, Toye believes it is more about guiding them.

In his practice as a business coach, he strives to make his coaches aware of the importance of self-leadership, their values, principles, and purpose.

With millennials and Gen Z taking up leadership roles, organisations need to prepare themselves for coaching them. Toye says, “Businesses need to help them engage with the company purpose. There is also an element of them being in a rush, so we need to help them slow down.”

More About Toye

Toye talks about the three key milestones of his life, with his faith and starting a family being the prime ones. He talks about his value system, “We are here to love and the simplicity of it makes it complex. If leaders loved more, everything is sorted out. It is easy to say and difficult to do.”

Toye defines success as living out your assignments on the planet.


His unique approach is guaranteed to help you see immediate returns on your ability to lead yourself and then influence your team to do likewise.

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