Tarun Mor | Founder & CEO, CoKarma

Tarun Mor | Founder & CEO, CoKarma

  • Tarun is the Founder and CEO of CoKarma. 
  • He is a serial entrepreneur. 



In the last decade, co-working in India has transformed how people work and collaborate. It’s now an integral part of the business scene, catering to diverse needs, from entrepreneurs to established corporations. In this ‘Brand Called You’ episode, we explore co-workings evolution in India, its growth drivers, its diverse user base, and its adaptation to changing work trends, including remote and hybrid models. Join us for insights into India’s dynamic co-working landscape.

[00:33] – About Tarun Mor

  • Tarun is the Founder and CEO of CoKarma. 
  • He is a serial entrepreneur. 

[03:14] – What do you do at CoKarma to create a sense of community within your space?

  • Design collaborative spaces with glass partitions for transparency.
  • Provide collaborative areas, games, and cafes.
  • Host meetups and events for members to connect and learn from each other.
  • Actively encourage networking and connections among members.

[12:04] – How do you maintain a balance between a productive work environment & a very relaxed atmosphere?

  • We aim to create spaces that foster creativity and productivity while also offering a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 
  • We focus on making the spaces aesthetically appealing and provide options for members to work comfortably. 
  • However, we also put in the trust that companies and individuals will manage their productivity.

[19:35] – Three lessons for the audience.

  • Be a listener and have an open mind to understand market feedback.
  • Have a clear and revenue-generating business model.
  • Surround yourself with good people who can support and help you grow.


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  • Tarun is the Founder and CEO of CoKarma. 
  • He is a serial entrepreneur. 

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