Start-up brand specialist | Andrew Crombie | Chief Branding Officer | Crombie Consulting |

Andrew Crombie’s vast experience of working across all categories, on local and global businesses, has built a catalogue of branding knowledge and its practical application that ensures you will get guidance and recommendations that are fresh, challenging and customer-centric, yet rooted in a strong business sense.

00:34- About Andrew Crombie and his journey. 

  • I am a registered management consultant who specialises in reducing the risk for VCs/investors in their startup investments by addressing the major cause of startup failure – building products for which there is no real or meaningful market.

  • My focus is to help start-ups understand what business they are REALLY in (usually they think from a ‘product’ perspective), how to find and leverage their unique point of difference, and how to create a compelling brand that will stand out to the people most likely to buy their product or service.

  • I am currently working with a few select startups at various stages of fundraising – from TiNDLE with USD130m from Seed and Series A – to less progressed startups who are just at the stage of seeking capital to take their concept to the next level/enter the marketplace. 

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