Tom Paine, Founder & Certified Life Coach


After giving ten years of service in a high-flying corporate job where Tom Paine received seven promotions, he starts interrogating his life’s purpose. In his journey to become a life coach, he overcame imposter syndrome and gained again the confidence lost over time.

Today, Tom Paine coaches people who are suffering from similar difficulties. THE BRAND CALLED YOU is proud to welcome certified life coach and founder of Tom Paine Life Coaching.

[00:34] – About Tom Paine

  • Tom is the Founder of Tom Paine life coaching.
  • Paine is among the Top 12 Life Coaches 2022

[02:05] – How do you define life coaching?

  • Life coaching is not counselling or Psychotherapy
  • It is a solution-focused approach towards goal setting.
  • Coach helps you to come out from a period of burnout.

[07:15] – How has coaching evolved since the time you got involved in it?

  • Coaching has become a profession where you can be trained and certified.
  • The critical difference between a life coach and a senior is that you are doing things for yourself.
  • Evolution of coaching is that more people are aware of it and how to do it

[15:35] – How long should a coaching relationship be for?

  • A relationship depends on how long it needs to be.
  • Some people remain till the transformation program, while some continue to work with me on a lighter touch basis.
  • The longer to remains with a coach, the better the benefits are
  • It depends on the quality of accountability.

[19:21] – How does one select a coach?

  • Hire a coach as per your niche
  • Check their website for testimonials

[20:50]- What three lessons do you want our audience to take away?

  • Get a coach if you need help
  • Source external opinion
  • Explore ideas


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  • Tom is the Founder of Tom Paine life coaching.
  • Paine is among the Top 12 Life Coaches 2022

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