Kristian Poliszczuk, Founder and CEO, XRPayNet Crypto Project

Kristian Poliszczuk, Founder and CEO, XRPayNet Crypto Project

  • Kristian Poliszczuk is the Founder and CEO of XRPayNet Crypto Project.



Blockchain and cryptocurrency are terms you’ll often hear used together. While they are two distinctly different technologies, they are also inherently intertwined with one another. Blockchain and Crypto are the topics everyone is talking about today. We should first understand what they are and how they work. This is exactly what we are going to learn in today’s episode of TBCY.

00:35- About Kristian Poliszczuk

  • Kristian Poliszczuk is the Founder and CEO of XRPayNet Crypto Project.

00:56- What motivated you to start this venture?

  • I had a keen eye for crypto since 2017.
  • I experienced severe losses, not because I made the investment but because I needed to learn about the crypto world.
  • I lodged five and a half Bitcoins at that time on a website called Bitconnect which turned out to be a scam.
  • Everybody thinks that crypto should be mainstreamed, but I believe it can only be mainstreamed if it works in harmony with local fiat currency.
  • I do not think we will be able to overthrow governments by saying that we have got this new tradable asset, and we are ready to accept it as a payment method.
  • XRPayNet allows people to spend their crypto coins anywhere in the world. the basis of my project is to allow the spending of crypto with an instantaneous transaction into fiat currency settlement to the retailer.

04:08- How is Web 3 different from Web 2?

  • Web 2 gave the public a presence online.
  • It allowed them to talk to each other online through social media.
  • It also started the emergence of Web 3 things, like traditional digital banking.
  • Web 3 is digitalizing people’s entire life. Within Web 3, the blockchain era is emerging which gives people the chance to send money without the need for a bank or third-party peer-to-peer payments.

08:25- What are the interdependencies between the blockchain and crypto?

  • Crypto is an asset, it can not be moved or transferred without its native blockchain.
  • The blockchain is equivalent to the banking system.
  • Blockchain is more than just the purpose of the transaction. It is the purpose of storing information that is readily available as well.


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  • Kristian Poliszczuk is the Founder and CEO of XRPayNet Crypto Project.

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