Davida Ginter, CEO, Enkindle Global; Author, Burning Out Won’t Get You There

Davida Ginter, CEO, Enkindle Global; Author, Burning Out Won’t Get You There

Davida Ginter is the CEO of Enkindle Global. She is an author of a book titled ‘Burning Out Won’t Get You There.’ I’m dedicated to my mission of burnout prevention and building emotional resilience at scale.



The meaning of burnout is not a new term in the modern economy. But, it is still a problem that employers ignore. It is a problem that was created by the working culture, but it can be solved by the same culture.

About Davida Ginter

Davida Ginter is the CEO of Enkindle Global. She is an author of a book titled ‘Burning Out Won’t Get You There.’ I’m dedicated to my mission of burnout prevention and building emotional resilience at scale. My team and I work globally with organizations and leaders who dare to take the leap and prevent burnout STRATEGICALLY.

About Enkindle Global

  • We have seen change-makers, leaders, entrepreneurs, social-driven entrepreneurs getting stressed out and then burnt out while pursuing their mission.
  • It is quite ironic that people who take care of others and society, forget to take care of themselves.
  • We started giving workshops and then stepping into bigger systems, organizations, institutions to help them with processes to prevent burnout.

Enkindle Global is an international organization dedicated to supporting leaders and organizations in burnout prevention and building emotional resilience.

We believe that social change could and should be carried out better when leaders and changemakers are thriving and fulfilled. Burnout is not a given – and we can help you practice a healthier way of working and living.

What is ‘Burnout’?

  • Burnout defined by the World Health Organization is chronic, regular, work-related stress that is not successfully managed.
  • Stress is not the problem because it can push us to pursue a goal.
  • If stress is constant, and we perceive it as negative and do not manage it well, then it becomes anxiety and eventually burnout.

Signs of Burnout

  • Exhaustion: Slept quite well at night, but wake up tired every day. This is emotional exhaustion translated into physical tiredness.
  • Reduced productivity and self-efficacy: Not capable of doing things and then underperforming.
  • Being negative and cynical towards work, colleagues, and boss.

Managing Burnout

  • Re-priorities the routine
  • Setting boundaries
  • Maintain a good balance

How does Enkindle Global work?

  • When the CEO, or the HR, notices that their employees are disengaged, we get called in.
  • We basically step in to help them identify what has caused the stress, and how to work on that.
  • Organizations need a strategy for people’s well-being.

Strategy for the well-being

  1. Setting a vision and goal
  2. Understanding the current situation
  3. The entire process would be to bridge from A to B.

Building Emotional Resilience

Through trial and error and life experiences. 

  • Resilience: The ability to bounce back after setbacks, uncertainties, and hardships.
  • The way to build resilience is to deliberately immerse ourselves in challenges

About the Book, ‘Burning Out Won’t Get You There’

Burning Out Won’t Get You There: Cultivating Wellbeing to Successfully Lead Social Change

Busyness, judgment, resistance to change, fear of admitting failure – do changemakers have to suffer to reduce world suffering? Or is there a way to avoid burnout?

Leaders and changemakers dedicated to pursuing social change are often the first ones to experience burnout. Those committed to taking care of everyone and everything tend to neglect themselves and hit the wall, time after time.

Davida Ginter’s book sheds light on the growing phenomenon of burnout and its root causes. She has interviewed changemakers and social change experts from around the world about their personal experiences on entrepreneurship, leadership, and mindfulness, and she offers comprehensive guidance, approaches, and tools to help cultivate personal and social wellbeing.


You can connect with Davida Ginter: LinkedIn

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Davida Ginter is the Founder and CEO of Enkindle Global and the author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There”.

She specializes in Participatory Leadership processes and operates on a global scale to support leaders and organizations by preventing burnout, cultivating wellbeing, and developing emotional resilience.

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