Luukkonen, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker; Author of 6 books

 Luukkonen, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker; Author of 6 books

  • Jussi is a leadership coach.
  • He is a facilitator and a speaker.
  • He is an author of six books.




The trend of coaching has increased significantly in recent years and so does their need. A coach helps individuals uncover their potential, climb up the career ladder and improve their life overall by asking the right questions. Be it a Career coach, an executive coach, or a life coach, people are realizing the importance of hiring coaches and at the same time, people are showing interest in becoming a coach themselves to impact others’ lives positively.

Well, today we have invited Jussi Luukkonen, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker; Author of 6 books to share her insights with us.

00:41- About Jussi Luukkonen

  • Jussi is a leadership coach.
  • He is a facilitator and a speaker.
  • He is an author of six books.
  • He is also trained as a theater director.

00:58- Journey from theater to being a coach

  • If you want to create beautiful theater which touches the audience and takes them on a journey, you need to coach those actors. It’s coaching with the vision of a bigger goal.
  • Coaching leaders is a similar type of thing. I try to coach those leaders to find their true character and build the character so that they will talk to their audiences genuinely and have integrity in the messaging.

03:05- How did you determine that coaching was for you?

  • I didn’t really ever think that I am a coach. I thought of myself as a creative person who loves to see patterns and conceptualize those findings in a way that could help people.
  • I’m like an optometrist. I help people to see their lives and their businesses better.
  • I prescribe better lenses for them to see the world clearly.

09:54- What is incomplete from your past that may be affecting your ability to be the best coach?

  • I’m always searching my soul, I’m always trying to find those things that I need to open up to be able to close the loops.
  • I need to go back to my creative routes and focus more.

21:45- Three lessons

  • The only thing that is important in life is to build compassion, wisdom, and courage.


You can connect with Jussi Luukkonen- LinkedIn

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Jussi Luukkonen is a rare bird. He has excelled  in creative industries, the education sector and businesses as a leader, trailblazer and strategist. Originally, Jussi trained as a theatre director in the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Radio Theatre in the early 80s. Those early years as a professional theatre director have given him an ingenious edge that very few possess.

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